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Architecture at Chantilly

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Chantilly was begun in 1820 . It was just a 2 over 2 plantation style home. Several owners later James R. Dubose purchased the house and surrounding acres (about 3000) and began to add to Chantilly. The front portico(porch) with the 4 large Doric columns were added along with the T hall way and dining room. The side porch to the left of the front has a "hitching post" which would have been used for the carriages to hold the horse reins. By adding this front portico with the columns Mr. Dubose turned Chantilly into what we commonly call "antebellum" (think Tara). Even though any home built prior to the Civil War could be called antebellum. All the floors in the house are heart pine. There are 5 fireplaces which we do not use at this time. We are afraid of fires. Owners Robert and Carroll Leavell purchased the house in the late 1950's early 60's and began the major renovations on the house. The house had declined after the Civil war and into the 20's century. Modern plumbing was added sometime in the 20's century

. The Leavells also added the 2 large back rooms and laundry room onto the house. One of the rooms is built in "chip lap" material used from an old building that Mr.Leavell collected. Chantilly has a character all its own. Come visit Chantilly during the Washington Ramble July 21st sponsored by the Historic Trust Society. Check their website or Washington Wilkes Chamber website.

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